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Medical Detox
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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that an estimated 23.5 million American adults are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Of this figure, only a small handful of people get the help they need to overcome addiction. If you are weighing your treatment options, you may be interested in undergoing medical. As the leading beginning phase of treatment in the Delaware region, it plays a critical role in patients’ ability to maintain long-term sobriety. Learn more about it below to decide if it is right for your needs.

What is Medical Detox in Delaware?

Detoxification is the process of removing built-up toxins found in the body. Medical varieties in the Delaware area offer a more structured and safe way for patients to release toxins caused by alcohol and drug addiction. Typically spanning for one or more weeks, this process offers 24/7 supervision from medical staff such as doctors and nurses. Many facilities also offer psychiatric care to dual diagnosis patients. A qualified staff is available to help you maintain optimal comfort while your body withdrawals from substances. Some of the most common symptoms and their associated drugs include the following:

Alcohol: During withdrawal from alcohol, many people report depression, sadness and irritability. They may also experience sleepiness or insomnia in addition to shaking or muscle spasms.

Meth: Withdrawal from meth can produce a variety of frightening symptoms, such has paranoia, seizures or spasms and fluctuating body temperature in addition to nausea.

Opiates: Opiates such as heroin typically leave patients feeling irritable, depressed and even confused. They may also experience excessive sleepiness, seizures or spasms and severe abdominal pain.

How Does Detox Work?

Drug and alcohol detox programs focus on breaking the body’s physical dependency to substances. Abstinence is the main method of treatment, but medications may also be utilized on a case-by-case basis. Doctors commonly use prescriptions such as Suboxone, Naltrexone and Bupropion to manage severe symptoms in patients, such as long-term addicts.

Some detox programs claim to offer fast results. However, there is no time-saving method to fully break physical dependency to drugs and alcohol. In fact, these programs often have high potential for relapse upon completion.

Other times, addicts may choose to detox at-home but often fail as a result. Once withdrawal symptoms set in, many people relapse to ease the pain. Medical detox facilities in Delaware are the only proven method for safely and completely ridding the body of harmful substances.

Where Can I Find Medical Detox in Delaware?

Medical detox in Delaware is usually offered through inpatient and some outpatient rehabilitation programs. Choosing to undergo it prior to treatment is critical for success as it can significantly reduce your cravings and urges to use. Finding a facility that offers it is a good choice because you can easily transition into treatment immediately after completing detox which reduces the risk for relapse that heightens during gaps in care.

Some people think that they only need detox to overcome addiction. However, it is important to keep in mind that addiction is a chronic disease of the mind and body. As such, both areas must be addressed to insure recovery. Detox can only address the physical aspects surrounding addiction while rehabilitation is designed to equip patients with the tools they need to fight triggers and prevent relapse on a long-term basis. In addition to rehabilitation, aftercare services may also be helpful in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Getting Help

If you are ready to break the cycle of addiction once and for all, medical detox in Delaware is an excellent starting point in your recovery journey. Don’t hesitate to get started. Contact an addiction specialist today.